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Two different ways to find the perfect location for your business in Rutland County, Vermont.

Filter Locations

Filter-toggleUse the Filter button to help you with your search by isolating the listing category and displaying just the selected locations. Use your scroll mouse button to move through the filter list.

Street View

google-map-peg-manTo see a street view, simply click and drag the little Google peg man icon to the desired spot and release. This will enable the Google street view giving you a first-person view of the area. This allows you to quickly survey the area around the property available.

2. Locations Grid with Filters

Following the Interactive Map of available locations, you will find a list of properties with category filters. You can quickly view a specific category of listings with just one click.

Additionally, you can search through The State of Vermont’s Property Database.

List a Property

REDC’s goal is to have the most comprehensive inventory of commercial and industrial  property listings as well as shovel ready and raw land.  We encourage property and land owners as well as real estate agents to submit your listings.  Visitors to our site will have the ability to immediately contact you via e-mail – you will be notified that this was a lead generated from REDC’s website.  There is no charge for posting your property listings on REDC’s website.

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