Ready. Willing. Able. Vermont.

The Rutland region’s workforce is among the most stable, mature, and educated in the Northeast. Once dominated by agriculture, today’s working population is comprised of occupations from banker and lawyer to engineer and advertising agency and nearly everything in between.

The Rutland region is home to several high tech manufacturing companies:

GE Aviation, a state of the art facility, produces jet engine components, which are used in the world’s newest and most advanced aircraft engines.

Omya Inc. manufactures calcium carbonate, a naturally occurring, plentiful mineral in Vermont. Calcium carbonate is used as filler in paper, paint, and plastics replacing environmentally less desirable raw materials.
Westminster Crackers (those little oyster crackers served in restaurants) is located in Rutland City, and utilizes rail to receive their raw material – flour.

Our workforce is

Middle-aged, most often married couples with children

Own single family home

Moderate to High income

Workforce skills include manufacturing, service industries, construction and more

91% of residents age 25 and older have a high school education or higher (national average 87%)