We Want You to Stay – a guide for recent grads for life in Rutland

A note from Assistant Director Kim Rupe

At REDC, we understand the importance of working with our local higher education institutions to focus on retaining students after they complete their degrees. These efforts not only help increase the population of our young professionals but, also provide the next generation of leaders with the resources and satisfaction they need in order to be successful right here in Rutland County.

This semester, REDC made our first official statement of these efforts by bringing to life our We Want You to Stay! resource packets for recent graduates. This tool provides students with a strong overview of life in Rutland, resources to find jobs, support in finding housing, helpful tips on networking, personal stories, and fun activities in the area.

Often, students aren’t told enough that they’re wanted and needed in their industries and in their community. Students need to feel that they are, in fact, wanted by leaders in our area. Through this initiative, we’re saying, “we want you to become an integral part of our community!” and we know this simple statement can go a long way for a student unsure of what to do next. Our hope is that we encourage our area graduates to stay by telling them that we need their input, ideas, and energy right here in Rutland County.

The first resource packet was released electronically last week to graduating college seniors from our surrounding institutions. As we progress with this initiative, we will also develop additional resources for students entering their senior year who are starting to think about their next steps. These will have a strong focus on the importance of networking and community involvement to ease the pressure of finding a job to help with a seamless transition after their higher education graduation.

In addition to the physical resources being developed, we’re also focusing a strong effort on increasing our presence in surrounding schools of all ages to highlight our jobs and our great lifestyle in Rutland County. Most recently, we visited Stafford Technical Center and College of St. Joseph – seeing firsthand the genuine excitement in the eyes of these students about the possibilities in their backyards.

We’re passionate about our students and fully understand the importance of retaining these individuals to fill our jobs here in Rutland County and continuing to inspire enthusiasm, energy, and passion in our area. Rutland County is a great place to live, work, and play – and that’s exactly what we’re telling our next generation.