Vermont Gas

Vermont Gas Rutland

Vermont Gas Systems was established in 1965 to supply natural gas to 6,400 customers in Chittenden and Franklin Counties. Over the years, residents and businesses in these communities have recognized natural gas to be a clean, efficient and abundant form of energy. Over 40,000 customers now recognize Vermont Gas’ commitment to providing safe, economical service.

The Vermont Gas story begins in the abundant natural gas fields of Alberta, Canada. Our natural gas is transported across Canada via the TransCanada PipeLine and enters Vermont Gas Systems’ main pipeline at Highgate, on the Vermont/Canada border. Our customers are served through a network of more than 650 miles of underground transmission and distribution lines.

The strength and financial stability of Vermont Gas is supported by its corporate family. Gaz Métro of Montréal, Québec owns Northern New England Energy Corporation, which in turn owns Vermont Gas. Gaz Métro is Quebec’s largest natural gas company.


Steve Wark